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MacBook Air M1

Why the MacBook Air M1 is still a good choice

After 6 years of intensive use, I sold my beloved MacBook Pro 2015 and bought a MacBook Air M1 just a few months before the launch of the MacBook Air M2. Should I have waited a little longer? Definitely not, because in my opinion the MacBook Air M1 is still a good choice in 2022. I don’t need to say much about the workmanship of the computers and the performance of Apple’s own chips. All current Macs are incredibly efficient …

Google Passwortmanager

Android Shortcut: Direct Access to the Google Password Manager

Google has an integrated password manager that is somewhat hidden in the system settings. To access this without detours, it is possible to create a shortcut icon. Depending on the manufacturer or Android version, the steps may be slightly different, but for most it should work as follows: Settings -> Google Services & Settings -> Autofill -> Passwords -> Click on the cogwheel at the top right -> Add shortcut to homescreen If you now click on the icon on …

Reeder 5

Reeder 5: The Swiss Army Knife

Reeder has been my favourite RSS reader on the Mac and iPhone for many years. After each major update, useful functions are added again and again, such as the possibility to read shortened feeds completely or to synchronise them via the iCloud. In the current version, Reeder 5, it is possible to subscribe to YouTube channels like a conventional RSS feed. When a channel is updated, I am informed more quickly than via the poor push notifications of the YouTube …