Reeder 5

Reeder 5: The Swiss Army Knife

Reeder has been my favourite RSS reader on the Mac and iPhone for many years. After each major update, useful functions are added again and again, such as the possibility to read shortened feeds completely or to synchronise them via the iCloud.

In the current version, Reeder 5, it is possible to subscribe to YouTube channels like a conventional RSS feed. When a channel is updated, I am informed more quickly than via the poor push notifications of the YouTube apps and I no longer have to call up the YouTube page.

Subscribe to YouTube channels with Reeder 5

In combination with my other RSS feeds, I can access even more targeted information and compile my own personal newsfeed. Without any algorithms or suggestions that are only meant to distract me.

Every major version update has to be purchased as a one-time purchase on iOS and Mac OS. I am happy to support the developer (Silvio Rizzi from Switzerland) with the money, fortunately there is no subscription model yet.

For me, Reeder is the Swiss army knife on my devices and makes my internet use much easier.

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